Weis Weekly Ad 2018

The Weis Weekly Ad, found at www.weismarkets.com/weeklyad, is an online ad designed by the Weis Markets that can help you save money when shopping at Weis Market. You may receive a printed copy of the advertisement in your mailbox, or perhaps find it as an insert with other advertisements in your local paper. The advantage of the virtual Weis Weekly Ad is the ability to view this website at your convenience from anywhere you have access to a computer with an Internet connection.

How to Save with the Weis Weekly Ad

By going online to the Weis Weekly Ad, you will see well designed website that is easy to navigate, providing you with valuable information. You will need to create your own personal “MyWeis Account” in order to choose the Weis market that you would like to view the online Weis Weekly Ad for. When creating you your MyWeis Account you will need to have a current email. Once you have created your account you will receive coupons and special offers in your email in-box. Additionally after you have your MyWeis Account you will then chose the location you plan on shopping at, view the Weis Weekly Ad so you may plan ahead before visiting the Weis Market, and take advantage of the savings offered on that week.

How to Keep Updated with the Weis Weekly Ad


  1. Go to www.weismarkets.com/weeklyad.
  2. Create your personal MyWeis Account.
  3. Choose the location you wish to shop at. You can also search for other locations by city, state or zip-code.
  4. You will want to check your email in-box for exclusive coupons, E-Coupons, the Weis Market Newsletter, and much more.
  5. You will find many ways with the Weis Weekly Ad to save you money simply by exploring the website and planning your purchases an advance.

Current Weis Weekly Ad

Weekly Circular: Valid Dates: November 29 – December 05, 2018 (Click Here)