Harmons Weekly Ad 2016

The Harmons weekly ad, found at www.harmonsgrocery.com/ads, is an online ad developed by Harmons to help you save money.

How To Save With The Harmons Weekly Ad

It is easy to save money using the ad, because all you have to do is view the ad each week, making notes of what you want to purchase that is on sale. You will automatically save money, though you may want to comparison shop with other company ads to find the best prices on the items you require.

How To Keep Updated With The Harmons Weekly Ad

If you scroll down to the very end of the ad, you’ll see the Get In Touch area. Here, you can enter your first name and email address to subscribe to their mailing list. You’ll be sent a new email each week with the new ad. You can also get in touch using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, so you can stay abreast of all the important news and sales going on.


  1. Go to www.harmonsgrocery.com/ads.
  2. If this is your first time, you’ll be asked to set your store, though you don’t have to do so. To set the store, click “set my store.” Otherwise, click no thanks.
  3. To set the store, click the first drop-down box and click the store you prefer. Otherwise, continue to step 4.
  4. Scroll down and view all the sales. Note the dates of effectiveness for the sale prices. The ad is viewed on one long page, so continue scrolling.
  5. Click on an item to add it to your shopping list.
  6. Once finished with the ad, you can view the shopping list by clicking on the hyperlink on the left-hand side in the top corner of the webpage.
Current Harmons Weekly Ad

Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: September 15 – September 28, 2016 (Click Here)