C&R Supermarket Weekly Ad 2018

The C&R Supermarket Weekly Ad, found at crsupermarkets.com/ads, is an online ad that had been designed by C&R Supermarkets to offer savings to customers each week. At times you may have received the ad delivered to you in the mail or as an insert in your newspaper. With the online C&R Supermarket Weekly Ad, you can access it at your convenience to plan your shopping and enjoy the savings that are available.

How to Save with the C&R Supermarket Weekly Ad

Once you have went to the online website for C&R Supermarkets, you will need to choose the location of the store that you are planning on shopping at. Each location may have different sale items from that of other locations. After you select the location, simply click on the link to view ads. The following page that will be displayed will show the items that are on sale for that location. There may be additional savings available with coupons that you can print and take to the store with you.

How to Keep Updated with the C&R Supermarket Weekly Ad


  1. Go to crsupermarkets.com/ads.
  2. Select the location of the C&R Supermarket that you are wanting to shop at and click on the link to view ads.
  3. By registering with your email you can receive exclusive ads and other special offers that will keep you informed of savings when you shop at C&R Supermarkets.
  4. There are many useful links on the C&R Supermarket Weekly Ad page that can provide you assistance for your purchases. This could be from recipes, meal planning.
  5. Signing up for the C&R Supermarket Rewards Card will accumulate points from your purchases that provide additional savings. Special rewards are extended to members through out the year.

Current C&R Supermarket Weekly Ad

Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: November 28 – December 04, 2018 (Click Here)