Community Markets Weekly Ad 2016

The Community Markets weekly ad, found at, is an online ad developed by Community Markets that can help you save money. It is quite simple, if you learn a few tips and follow the directions.

How to Save with the Community Markets Weekly Ad

Saving money is easy with their circular, as all you have to do is make notes of the items you want to purchase. These items are on sale or at a regularly low price.

How to Keep Updated with the Community Markets Weekly Ad

Because the company doesn’t send you any emails, you can’t sign up to have the ad sent to your inbox. However, you can always add this page to your favorites and set up a personal reminder that will help you remember to check the ad. You can also tweet, pin or like the ad, though you will only be liking that specific ad and not future ones.


  1. Go to
  2. Choose your location. The first column includes Great Scot stores, while the second one offers a listing of Community Markets stores. Click your city.
  3. Some people may not have Adobe Flash and may not be able to view the ad. If not, you can click the sentence saying “if you are unable…” and can view it that way.
  4. If you scroll to the end of the ad, you can download it to another device, share, embed, zoom in and out and more.
  5. Clicking the “unable to view…” sentence will also make it easier to print out the ad, if you choose. However, you can also visit the store and grab a circular at the front of the store before shopping, especially if you wish to use any in-ad coupons.
Current Community Markets Weekly Ad

Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: August 18 – August 24, 2016 (Click Here)