Amigos Weekly Ad 2016

The Amigos weekly ad, found at, is an online ad developed by Amigos to help you save money.

How to Save with the Amigos Weekly Ad

To save money, you can view the weekly ad and find out which items are for sale that you may want. You can also find coupons on their website. There is a large list of things you can do from the left-hand side, such as view the ad, your information, rewards program, digital and printable coupons. Click on whichever you prefer. Printable coupons can be “clipped” online and printed at your discretion.

How to Keep Updated with the Amigos Weekly Ad

To keep up with the ad and website, you can sign up for the rewards program, which allows you to get personalized savings, digital coupons, be emailed when the new ad arrives, get valuable offers and much more. This way, you’ll always have the ad at your fingertips. Go to to log in or sign up.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the hyperlink under the store information that you want to consider. You may also want to search by zip or city to find other stores.
  3. You may choose to view by page, but you can also view by department, making it easier to bypass those areas that you don’t need. Click the arrows or the numbers to move between pages.
  4. When you find something you want to purchase, all you have to do is click the item and it will automatically be added to the list.
  5. Click the shopping list hyperlink when you are ready, so you can view all the items.
  6. From the shopping list, you can add more items by typing them in, delete items, change quantities and print it out.
Current Amigos Weekly Ad

Weekly Ad: Valid Dates: September 21 – September 27, 2016 (Click Here)